Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Harvest Moon

Photo by Linus.
This is my "Wizard" act from the Burlesque Hall of Fame pageant this year in Las Vegas. I performed on Sunday, which was a pretty relaxed environment. There weren't the usual backstage jitters since their wasn't any competition involved.
I was relieved by that.

20,000 Legs Under the Sea

A Surrealist Manifesto produced by Doctor Lukki- the PH double D of burlesque.
I'll be swinging in my bird cage.
There'll be exciting and strange performances by Darlinda Just Darlinda, Noah Kline, Julie Atlas Muz, Ekatarina, and many others! An evening not to be missed. 6/24/10, 9pm, $10...
Coney Island USA.

Hackers Party

This Friday at the Delancey, don't miss this bizarre and utterly fascinating phenomenon. A hackers convention- with a burlesque party to help commemorate the occasion. With all the hoopla surrounding hackers these days this is gonna be a good party. I'll raise a glass to Wikileaks, with my legs!
This friday, June 18th, Doors at 9, Show at 10pm, $10. 168 Delancey.