Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to Harvest Moon's Blog

Welcome to Miss Harvest Moon's Blog. You will find my upcoming events posted here, as well as photos, video and other information.

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  1. Hi Miss Harvest Moon! My name is Mike and I am a good, nice, intelligent and caring man with a sense of humor. You are so very beautiful! Viva Miss Harvest Moon! I saw you at the live Burlesque performance at The Quad Theater in Manhattan on 5/03/09 (Thank you so very much for taking a picture with me!) and again last night at The Slipper Room. I think that you were the best Burlesque performer at The Slipper Room on 5/09/09! You are so incredibly gorgeous, beautiful, talented and nice! Read a little about you and you're a Cali girl!, they are some of the best and most beautiful types of girls!

    I really admire and love watching you dance and perform Burlesque, it is so beautiful to watch. You have inspired a love of Burlesque in me! I even ordered a book called "Burlesque - The New Bump And Grind" , Baldwin (2004) and it would be such an honor for me if you could please autograph it for me.

    I am a proud New York City Science Teacher, thanks for "Teaching" me about Burlesque!

    I have photos and a profile on an international online penpals website that tells all about me, the website is called "Interpals.net". My username on that website is "2008Mike". So if you want to see my photos and profile just enter "www.Interpals.net/2008Mike" on an internet search.

    I also have a new Facebook profile that you are welcome to visit to learn about me and communicate with me if you would enjoy positive, intelligent, meaningful, supportive and interesting communication with a Super-Cool guy like me! Please allow me the honor to be one of your fans and friends!

    I wish you the best in life Miss Harvest Moon now and always. Read a little about you and it stated that you are in a relationship. I'm happy for you and hope that it works out for you and that you find joy and happiness. I'm also a little sad that I won't be able to ask you if you would like to go with me as a guest to see a Space Show at The New Hayden Planetarium (I'm a Science Teacher!) or to go out with me to a nice restaurant or to see a Broadway Play with me or to go with me to visit the great and beautiful city of Washington D. C. as my guest at no cost to you to pursue a possible romantic interest in you. As long as you are happy in a relationship with somebody, even if it is not me, I am happy for you!

    Every time that I look at the beautiful and peaceful Moon in the vast Sky I will think of you though!

    I would really like to be friends with you if that is ok with you. I am a good friend and am trustworthy, honest, an easy person to talk to, a good listener, supportive, friendly, energetic, happy, intelligent and would always be loyal to my friends. I am going to send you a Facebook friend request to your Facebook profile. I hope that you accept my Facebook friend request, I have a lot to offer!

    It was really nice meeting you. You are very beautiful. Lots of Love, health and happiness. Please be safe. Take care for now and I look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you perform Burlesque again!

    Mike P.
    (Proud New York City Science Teacher, United States Air Force Veteran, a Good Man and a Super Cool Guy!)